Choosing the Right Sized Diamond Jewelry

How to Buy the Right Sized Diamond for Your Hand, Ears and Neck

Buying jewelry can be so fun – especially if it’s got diamonds in it! But have a couple drinks before a shopping spree and you might just buy something you really shouldn’t have – an oversized rock that doesn’t complement you at all.

But with a little bit of knowledge about sizing as it relates to your particular body can go a long way in making sure all your diamond jewelry purchases are A+.

In this article we’ll talk a bit about what to consider when choosing a diamond ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings. Read on to find out the biggest mistake most people make in the jewelry shop.

Size Doesn’t Matter (Where it Counts)

“Wait… I thought you said it DOES matter, wtf?” That’s not what we mean in this case.

If you’re not really into fashion or jewelry much, you may think that to really dazzle someone, you have to bring out the big guns!

Pick the biggest gemstone you can find and rock that baby like it’s 1999.

Sadly, that may not look as good as you imagine. When you’re trying to impress someone with your look, it’s not always about being flashy and gaudy.

You want to stun with the overall look. More often than not, you wearing a big piece of jewelry that just doesn’t fit in your overall outfit will do more to distract than wow.

So it’s more of a “motion of the ocean” type deal with diamond jewelry. Small pieces can still wow with the right outfit. If it’s a subtle dress, don’t rock a big chain. If it’s a flashy top, then maybe that monster diamond bracelet would work better.

Pay Attention to Your Features

If you’re not sure about yourself, then you need to change that immediately. There are certain things that work for certain people.

For example, if you have very thin hands, a big stone in a ring may just look out of place.

If you’re got thicker fingers, you may be able to get away with more. The same would hold true for ears, noses, etc.

Of course, this is more of a subjective thing. Sometimes the opposite can hold true as well. Test different things, take pictures and get people’s opinions.

Great places to get opinions is with the jewelry websites themselves.

They’ve often got very knowledgeable staff that can help you make the right decisions for your particular features.

No Hard and Fast Rules

One thing to remember, is that the tips we shared in this article aren’t hard and fast rules. They are fluid.

For some they’ll apply, for others they may find the opposite is true.

So don’t live and die by the stuff we’ve talked about here. Instead, use it as a guide on things to look out for and pay attention to.

That’s your best bet!

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